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Trade A Favor is human-powered economy in which anything can be traded with anyone. Back in 2008 we made a video to illustrate what we had in mind. See how the prototype Facebook application selects among social connections to build trustworthy trade circles.


  •  Disaster Planning
    Emergency preparedness planning for life storms. Estate documentation, elder care documentation, home inventories, insurance documentation of assets, risk management, wealth managment services.
     Make-Up Artist
    Make-up artist-bridal, eveing, glamour.
     Custom Portraits In Oils Or Pastels
    Award winning artist will do portraits from photos or life in oils, pastels, pencil, or watercolor! Can paint most subjects including pets, homes or landscapes.
     Project Management/Strategic Planning
    I can help you develop your thoughts and create an action plan for implementation.
     Rune Lessons
    I can teach you how to read runes, and use them in every day life. Normal cost of lessons is $400 a month for 8 classes.
    If you need plumbing work, or advice on plumbing problems, I can help. 18+ years in the business.
  •  Ikea Furniture Setup
    I’ll take over the hassle of putting your Ikea furniture together. I have my own tools. It’s better if you have a lot of items to put together. Only available in Los Angeles area.
     Natural Dyes
    If anyone is planning an arts/ crafts project using natural dyes, I can supply woad, rose-madder and green weld (also cudbear and black mulberry bark).
     Rock Climbing Lessons
    Able to give rock climbing lessons to people new to the sport. Indoor or outdoor with a focus on bouldering.
     Design On A Dime
    Consulting services on how to take your living spaces from “So-so” to “Much better!” with a little elbow grease and a shopping list that won’t break the bank.
     Help Move Stuff
    I have a truck and live in San Francisco, so I can help you move furniture, boxes, etc.
     CPR Instruction
    Red Cross or AHA.
  •  Help Negotiating Your Car Purchase/Lease
    I will help you calculate whether it’s better to lease or buy, and I will show you how to get the best deal for the model you want. I have a lot of experience working at dealerships.
     Solar Panels
    Consult and design a solar array for your house or business.
     Blues Guitar Riffs
    Simple, effective blues licks you can use to spice up your guitar playing, appropriate for beginner and intermediate players.
     Leadership Development
    I have a long and diverse background in leadership development and can customize a plan for your organization.
     Real Estate Favors
    Consult with me about staging tips, marketing tips and other ideas regarding residential real estate.
     Raw Honey
    Raw honey from my beehives!

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