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    Life is more than cash.

    Finally, in the twenty-first century, social technologies make barter viable. With Trade A Favor you can trade anything with anyone using socially defined trade circles. Here are just a few reasons TAF is making people rethink barter in the social age:

    • Trustworthy Traders
      Trustworthy Traders

      Use friend and network circles.

    • Network Integrations
      Network Integrations

      Leverage your existing connections.

    • Location-Based Trading
      Location-Based Trading

      Coming: the key to unlocking services.

    • Trade Anything
      Trade Anything

      Goods or services, in any combination.

    • Assisted Negotiations
      Assisted Negotiations

      Simple steps encourage fair dealing.

    • Cashless Transactions
      Cashless Transactions

      Save your paycheck for the mortgage.


    real favors offered now:

    •  Certified California Notary Public
      I am a Notary in the state of California. Travelling notaries can charge anywhere from $20-$200!
       Writing Coach
      Conduct wrting workshops to stir your creativity. Focus is on poetry.
       Technology Consultant
      Help understanding or configuring electronics and other technology. Los Angeles.
    •  Coin Grading And Appraisal
      Will site-grade and appraise upto 15 coins of your collection. high def. pics of coins required for grading. pics need to include date of coin as well as mint mark.
       Ed Ruscha Art Prints 1960′s-1990s
      Ed Ruscha Art Prints and Drawings signed and authentic.
       Foreclosure Help
      i have help people get out of their foreclosure ordeal.
    •  Concierge Services
      Can organize travel plans, find the impossible, refer experts, make great hookups.
      Biofeedback session for stress and/or pain relief. Biofeedback is not limited to people, pets can also benefit from a session.
       Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning
      Folsom CA and surrounding areas.
    •  Children’s On Location Photographer
      I will take digital photographs of your little ones for your family to cherish forever. I can come to your home or meet you at the beach, park or playgroup and shoot for 2 hours. I will create a website of the original digital photos and 10 retouched images for you to download enabling you to print them at a location of your choice.
       Live Jazz Band For Hire
      Music Performances by vocal / instrumental group.
    •  Convert VHS Home Movies To DVD
      Have VHS home movies laying around disintegrating? Let me convert them to DVDs for you.
       Piano Instructor
      Piano instructor experienced with ages 6 to 67. On staff at two colleges. Beginners always welcome.
       California Workers’ Compensation Law
      I am available to provide general advice on workers’ compensation issues.
    •  Tattoos
      I have my own tattoo equipment and can do apprentice type work on anybody.
       Addiction Recovery Support/Advice
      Long time experience in alcoholism/addiction recovery/detox/relapse- AA, NA, CA etc.
       Horseback Riding Lessons
      Horseback riding lessons from a championship instructor.
    •  Resume Creation
      I can take your basic information, skills and experience and create an awesome resume that will get you noticed!
      Caregiving, pet sitting, meal prep.
       Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry
      Handmade sterling silver jewelry. Pick from something already in my line, or have something custom made.
    •  Free Basic Will
      California attorney willing to provide a basic will with named beneficiaries and appointed guardian.
       Poker Lessons
      Solid winning poker player with over 10 years of experience live and online will teach you the basics of winning poker.
       Smartest Man In The Room
      I will come over and be the smartest man in the room.

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