In 2008 we launched the world’s first socially powered barter system on Facebook.

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Daily Candy DAILY CANDY "Swap hors d’oeuvre recipes for Krav Maga instruction, hand-loomed potholders for prepaid phone cards. Who knows? You may even make a new friend or two. No matter what, it’s a win-win situation." MSN Money MSN MONEY "As spare cash becomes harder to come by for many families, bartering is an increasingly attractive alternative to putting expenses on credit cards. You might start with folks you know–friends, family and co-workers." Regina Lewis REGINA LEWIS "I suspect in this economic climate, you’ll see ‘trading’ sites spike along with do-it-yourself resources. Have been in meetings with people discussing this concept for years. Think these guys may have nailed it. Hats off." Better Homes BETTER HOMES & GARDENS "The idea of bartering with strangers can be downright scary. Fortunately, online brokers are here to help. Check out who’s offering services and stuff–and jump in yourself–at" LA Times LOS ANGELES TIMES "Every recession triggers bartering but the Internet has given the practice unprecedented reach. caters to the cost-conscious."

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An idea that was ahead of its time before mobile apps and crowdfunding is about to crowdfund a mobile app.


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